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Double Edge Shaving Razor Blade (Pack of 48)

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The Little Bigstore Double Edge Shaving Razor Blade (Pack of 48)

New Sharper Blades

Turbo Cutting Blades. Sharper than a disposable for a closer shave without all the irritation.

Featuring disposable construction, light-weight. make it an excellent choice for a travel-friendly razor.

-Twin Blade technology

-Pivoting head

-Lubricating Strip

-Matte texture Grip handle


48-Blades disposable razor has significant gap between the 48 blades for increased hair exposure and a smoother, cleaner shave without hair clogging.

Razor Blade are double edge blades extra fine and sharp

Razor Blade is compatible with all standard double edge safety razors.

Under typical use, you can get a week's worth of shaves (5 - 7) from a single blade.

Razor Blade for sharp edges and close shaves.

Soft Care Disposable Razors.

Made For Normal And Sensitive Skin

Twin Stainless Steel Blades For Extra Smooth Shave

Perfect for travel and use at home, these razors give a close shave while retaining a comfort feel

Package Include : Pack of 48 Pcs Razor

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