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Stainless Steel Knife & Peeler Set with Stand - 6 Pcs

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Kitchen Knife Set (4 pc) & Peeler (1 pc) with Attractive Stand (Multicolor)

Welcome this piece of Knife & Peeler stand into your kitchen one that will be a welcome space for your knife

Not one or two, but five !!

-This Box is going to last a long time and serve as a perfect storage space for your Knives

-Keeping their edges sharp and cut clears

Enjoy Cooking with Good Quality Knives To maximize your ability to cook well, you should try the Remus Stainless Steel Knife Set.

Designed keeping you in mind, the Knife Set has six pieces 

- all meant to make cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, etc. 

- a quick and enjoyable process for you. 

- The knives are all made from high quality stainless steel that holds an edge very well, making sure you get the most from your knives. Also included is a superb plastic knife holder which helps you do your work with greater efficiency, making this Stainless Steel Knife Set the ideal choice for you. 

- Quick, Efficient Work The knives on the 6 piece Knife set have been given ergonomic plastic handles which help reduce the stress on your hand while you cut. Moreover, this set has been designed to optimize your potential in cooking, with its different components, Chaku Stand

Package Content

4 x Knife

1 x Peeler

1 x Attractive Stand

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