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UK-0021 35 in 1 Gayatri Mantra Chanting Box , Mantra Chanting Device of Hindu God, Om Mantra Chant for Peace Prosperity, Meditation, Spiritual Mantra Chanting Machine

Rs. 154.00 Rs. 558.60
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  • Mantras: This little, portable device has more than 30 different mantras, including Gayatri, Mahamritunjaya, Om Namah Shivay, Sri Ram, Sitaram, Jalaram Ji, Ramapir, Shani, Hanuman, Sai, Om Chant, Nav Durga, Swaminarayan, Ganesh, and many more. The mantras ought to be chanted quietly. Due to the speaker's modest size, excessive loudness may result in crackling sounds.
  • Useful for Peace: This device can be used to play music at home, work, and temples to promote harmony, devotion, prosperity, puja, good health, and mantra jaap.
  • Perfect for Use in Homes and Temples: The device's special ability to continuously recite a mantra makes it ideal for use in homes, offices, and temples. More than thirty (30) Hindu gods and goddesses have their own mantras.
  • Simple Operation: The KBV mantra chanting apparatus is simple to operate. It can be used by plugging it into any two-pin, 5-amp socket. There is a micro switch and volume control to change and play the preferred mantra, respectively.
  • Superior Quality: Made of premium plastic with rounded edges and soft corners, this mantra chanting instrument is simple to use for religious purposes.
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